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Plant Keeper® and Carefree Christmas Tree® Protect your Plants When you are not able to water them

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Greenhouse in Pittsburgh, PA


We give them a little water, and they give us a more beautiful, vibrant, healthy home. But what about when you can’t water them?

Whether it’s a vacation, business travel or just a super busy week, use Plant Keeper® to keep your potted plants alive when you are not able to water them.

Carefree Christmas Tree® gives you the gift of one less thing to worry about during the busy holidays — watering your Christmas tree.

Carefree Christmas Tree and Plant Keeper are both non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and all-natural. One bottle treats up to 24 plants.

Fresh Plant Feed in Pittsburgh, PA

keep your potted plants alive while you are on vacation

One Plant Keeper® treatment will keep plants alive for two weeks without watering. It works on potted flowers, ferns, herbs, vegetables, and even Venus Fly Traps, if you are into that.

One bottle of Plant Keeper will treat up to 24 plants, resulting in a lower cost per use than other options for keeping your potted plants alive while away from home.

And Plant Keeper is so easy to use…. just mix with water, pour on plant, and you’re done!

And of course, it’s all-natural and non-toxic.

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Christmas Tree Feed in Pittsburgh, PA

keep your tree looking fresh Without Water

Christmas is the happiest time of the year - and the busiest. There are gifts to buy, baking to do, special meals to prepare, family and friends to see... Give yourself the gift of one less thing to worry about - your Christmas tree.

One easy treatment with Carefree Christmas Tree® will keep your tree looking as fresh as if you watered regularly for 4 weeks.

And Carefree Christmas Tree is easy to use, water once and done!

And like Plant Keeper, Carefree Christmas Tree is all natural and non-toxic.

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